Elliot Hueske

I (she/her) am currently a sophomore and QuestBridge scholar at Columbia College. I served as a Staffer on the University Senate Student Affairs Committee my freshman year and am honored as well as excited to begin my role as a Senator. As a Staffer, I contributed to projects addressing COVID-related issues, health and wellness, FGLI students, and more. From my experience with the Senate, I am prepared to assume my role as a University Senator and understand how to be responsive to the needs of my community. I intend to advocate for FGLI, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC students while considering the specific set of challenges these groups face. Furthermore, I will also work diligently to increase mental health resource accessibility especially during these unprecedented times. I am also a Peer Health Exchange facilitator and teach health education in public schools in NYC. It is incredibly meaningful to me to facilitate effective communication and understanding of such an important subject. I am very interested in the intersection of STEM and humanities disciplines, so I have a wide range of academic and social interests including art history, psychology, chemistry, philosophy and literature. I am looking forward to working with fellow Senators and serving the needs and concerns of my constituents.