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Want to get involved with CCSC? All students are welcome at committee meetings! 

CCSC meets Sunday evenings at 8 pm in the Satow Room (5th floor Lerner).

CCSC has four committees each headed by a member from E-board: Policy, Finance, Communications, and Campus Life. Anyone can join these committees!

Finance handles the allocation of student life fees to the various governing boards as well as awards grants to student groups through JCCC or Student Project Grants. The committee also monitors the CCSC budget and advises on all CCSC expenses. It is currently headed by Adam Resheff. The committee meets Sundays at 3 pm in Lerner 401.

Policy advises and guides its members concerning business that relates to both College and University policy and coordinates their initiatives to best advocate for the community.  It is currently headed by Elise Fuller. The committee meets Sundays at 4 pm in Lerner 401.

Campus Life organizes events for the Columbia College community including Basketball Mania, College Days, Bagelpalooza, and more. It is currently headed by Sim Mander.  
The committee meets Sundays at 5 pm in Lerner 401. 

Communications maintains institutional memory for Student Council and provides Resources and Outreach to the student body to inform policy decisions. The committee also communicates with the CC student body, student groups, administrative bodies, campus, and external media as well as publishes a semesterly report on all events, policy, and spending done by CCSC. It is currently headed by Isabella Lajara. The committee meets Sundays at 6 pm in Lerner 401.

If you are interested in joining CCSC or attending any of these meetings, email, or simply show up!