Academic Resources

Need to talk to an advisor? Curious about your career? Browse the list of academic resources below:

  • Center for Student Advising - CSA
    • The Center for Student Advising provides integrated academic advising for all students. You can choose to make an appointment with your adviser (which is advised), but you can make an appointment with anyone who fulfills your student needs.
  • Columbia Pre-Professional Advising
    • The Columbia Pre-Professional Advising system provides specific advising tailored to students' career interests. 
  • Center for Career Education - CCE
    • The Center for Career Education provides students with education and opportunity to pursue their careers in New York City and all around the world. 
  • LionSHARE 
    • LionSHARE is the Columbia student and alumni database which students can use to browse for jobs, internships, fellowships. The search is nearly limitless, offering opportunity for jobs from CU student workers to prestigious positions. 
  • Office of Global Programs
    • The Office of Global Programs offers opportunities for both Study Abroad and Fellowships for undergraduates at Columbia. Columbia OGP currently offers over 150 programs in over 100 cities worldwide.
  • Financial Aid and Study Abroad
    • This link to NAFSA gives general information for student's receiving financial aid while studying abroad. Consult with Columbia Financial Aid to confirm how much you need!
  • Columbia College Fellowships
    • Linked is a list of Columbia College Fellowships, as well as information as to how you can start preparing!
  • Columbia College Tutoring
    • The official Columbia College tutoring service provides tutoring to all Columbia College students in a multitude of courses. See if someone can help you out!
  • Ask a Librarian - Library Help
    • Can't find a text book? Ask a Columbia librarian for help, or browse online through Columbia's library database.