Funding Resources

For all questions about Student Group Funding, please look below:

The Capital Investment Fund is a four-council fund that supports large, long-term purchases of capital by student groups. CIF accepts applications once a semester. Funded purchases have included equipment for space launches and banners for student group publicity.

Apply for Funding:

1. CIF Application Form Fall 2021 Google Form 
2. CIF Budget Spreadsheet (specific request details; link to template included within this form)
3. In-Person Presentation (we will reach out to you with a more specific time but presentations typically occur the Sunday following after the submission of all the parts of the CIF application).

The Joint Council Cosponsorship Committee is a fund for Columbia student groups run by the four undergraduate student councils. JCCC’s focus is on student groups who require funding for travel or for financial emergencies.

Apply for JCCC funding here.

Student Council's Student Project Grants are a yearly opportunity for students to receive funding for projects that contribute to the Columbia community. Funding for projects has ranged from equipment to set up a recording studio to materials for performance costumes. Project grants typically occur in the fall semester.

Funding at Columbia University (F@CU) is a yearly event in which the four undergraduate student councils decide allocation amounts for the student group governing boards and Bacchanal.

F@CU generally occurs during the spring semester reading week as a two- day event. During the event, the student councils present the amount of their budget they plan to allocate at F@CU, and governing boards and Bacchanal present allocation requests. The student councils then deliberate over allocations, announce decisions, and consider any appeals.

Click here to view student group allocations for the 2019-2020 school year!