Meet Your CCSC Members

Meet Your Columbia College Student Council!

Elected by the student body, for the student body

  • Zachary Kimmel is a sophomore in Columbia College and is the Academic Affairs Representative for Columbia College Student Council. In addition to CCSC, Zach serves on the executive board of Columbia HeForShe, a leading gender equality organization, and works as a policy contributor for the Roosevelt Institute, a non-partisan political think-tank. He also sings in SHARP and is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Originally from Brooklyn, Zach intends to study American History and African-American Studies.

  • Toqa Badran, one of this year’s senators, is a Columbia College Senior studying political science and anthropology. She is excited to work on new projects which improve the lives of members of the student body who may have previously felt unheard. She is a frequent contributor to the Spectator and a founding member of the Muslim Life Taskforce. Off-campus she can be found at the Egyptian Consulate, rallying for female empowerment and raving about Columbia. 

  • Tarek Deida is a Representative for 2019 Class Council as well as a member of the CCSC Communications committee. He is a history major specializing in 20th century U.S. History and is pursuing a concentration in English Literature. Outside of CCSC, Tarek spends his time producing music, rapping and writing songs alongside the music collective THOU SHALT NOT Entertainment. His top five music artist are: Michael Jackson, Prince, Jay- Z, Lauryn Hill and Tupac Shakur. 

  • Skye Bork is a second year in Columbia College from Washington, DC planning on pursuing a double major in Economics and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Along with serving as the Vice President for the Class of 2021, she is a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and ski team.

  • Sarah Radway is a Class Representative for the Class of 2021. She is a CUSP and Questbridge Scholar majoring in Computer Science, who loves the arts, community service, meeting new people, and leaving Butler Library before 2AM.

  • Ramsay Eyre is a first-year in Columbia College from Vermont, currently planning to study history. In addition to being a Class of 2021 Representative on CCSC sitting on the policy committee, he is an associate copy editor at the Columbia Daily Spectator and a member of the Columbia International Relations Council and Association. He loves talking politics, and writes biweekly pieces for The Pensive Post, an intercollegiate collective of creative and political writers. You can usually find him getting sushi at Café East, making lit Spotify playlists, or hanging out on Low steps.

  • Rads serves on CCSC as a Class of 2022 representative. She was born and raised in Manhattan but loves exploring new parts of NYC with her friends. She’s planning on double majoring in Neuroscience and Econ, but honestly, that could all change by the time she graduates. Other than CCSC, she’s also a member of the Columbia Debate Society and the community development team in the Uganda Engineering without Borders chapter. 


  • Prem Thakker is a sophomore from North Dakota studying history. Along with serving as the Class President, Prem is a COÖP leader, involved in the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Alexander Hamilton Society, Roosevelt Institute, and hosts The Laymen, a politically-oriented podcast. You can probably find Prem eating a PB&J at John Jay or playing spike ball on the lawns with his friends.

  • Patricia Granda Malaver is a Representative for CCSC 2020. She is a junior majoring in Political Science and Human Rights. Outside of student council, she serves on the executive board of Columbia College Student Ambassadors, Columbia Quest Scholars Network, Student Organization of Latinxs, and Sigma Delta Tau. She is also a Columbia University Senate student affairs committee staffer. Patty is passionate about social justice, naps, and seasoned food.

  • Monique Harmon is a CC senior double majoring in Economics and African American Studies. She is from suburban Philadelphia, and on campus is one of the Student Services Representatives. She is also a part of the Columbia Elections Commission, the Columbia University Democrats, the Multicultural Recruitment Committee, and the Black Students’ Organization. As a CCSC Student Services Representative, she wants to continue her work with administrators to advocate on behalf of the student body, particularly the students’ whose voices and ideas are marginalized on campus.

  • Mina Mahmood is the President of 2019 Class Council and a member of the CCSC Finance committee. Outside of student council, she is a Political Science major and a Kanye West enthusiast. She is also a member of Delta Gamma and the Black Student Organization. 

  • Madison Harden is one of the Columbia College Class of 2020 Representatives. She is from Philadelphia and is studying Economics. On campus, Maddy is a Manager of the Spectator Engagement team, Outreach Chair for Columbia College Student Ambassadors, and a mentor for the Black Family Tree of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative. She is also a member of the Student of Color Advisory Board and works with the Columbia chapter of Every Vote Counts. Maddy is passionate about mentorship, pushing a vegetarian agenda, and curly hair tutorials.


  • Luke Aron Ebora is a sophomore in CC studying Art History and Visual Arts. Born in Batangas Philippines, Luke spent most of his life in Los Angeles, CA. As the CCSC First Generation and Financial Representative, Luke looks to support the various groups under the Columbia University first-generation/low income umbrella throughout the year. He hopes to act as a mediator between first-gen students and Columbia administration as well as back the many initiatives being spearheaded by student groups on campus.

  • Leighlani Sanchez is a first-generation student from Springfield, Massachusetts. She intends on studying East Asian Languages and Cultures as well as Political Science. Currently, she’s a board member of PSSA and an active  participant in Amnesty International. When she’s not trying to bring world peace, you can find her searching for the best vegan restaurants in the city.


  • Kai Feliciano is the VP of Columbia Class of 2020. She is a freelance graphic design artist (, conducts research in the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab, and is a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. Kai’s favorite hobby is meeting all the dogs of Morningside Heights. She now knows at least 15 pups by name!

  • My name is Joyce Tan, and I’m the Alumni Affairs Representative of Columbia College Student Council. I am from Greenwich, Connecticut, but I went to middle school in Beijing, China.  As the Alumni Affairs Representative of Columbia College Student Council, I hope to help student groups build stronger relationships with alumni and host events working with these alumni from their respective fields. 


  • Jordan Singer serves on CCSC as the Student Body President. She is a senior in Columbia College majoring in political science and concentrating in business management. Outside of CCSC, Jordan is a member of the Columbia International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA the Panhellenic sorority Sigma Delta Tau. Jordan grew up in Manhattan but readily admits that her courses and classmates at Columbia have made her a better New Yorker.

  • Jimmy (Jung Won) Park is a Representative for the Class of 2022 and a member of the Finance and Communications committees in CCSC. He is originally from Seoul, South Korea and moved to Westchester, NY in the 7th grade. He plans on majoring in Anthropology and Economics. When he is not “studying” in Butler, you can find him feasting in JJ's, hanging out with friends, exploring the city, or drawing in his room.


  • James Ritchie is President for 2020 Class Council. He is involved in campus as the President of Phi Gamma Delta, as well as student theatre and serving on the Undergraduate and Global Recruitment Committees. In his spare time you can catch him watching his beloved Chelsea or Dallas Cowboys.

  • Isabella is a junior from the Bronx majoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and concentrating in Political Science.

    Along with serving as the Vice President of Communications, she is the President of Grupo Quisqueyano, serves on the First-Generation Advisory Board and is a member of Delta Gamma.

    When Isabella's not running around campus you can catch her on the lines of shake shack, ordering a caramel shake and fries. 

  • Heven Haile is a sophomore majoring in Ethnicity and Race Studies and Political Science. Along with her role as the Race and Ethnicity Representative, she serves as the students of color coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Her hobbies include crying to Frank Ocean and Solange in a dark room, destroying oppressive systems, and stanning black women on Twitter.

  • Henry Feldman is a sophomore from Boston majoring in Political Science and concentrating in History. In addition to serving as a Student Services Representative, he is a Copy Editor for the Columbia Political Review. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, arguing about politics and listening to classic rock.

  • George Jiang is a Representative for 2019 Class Council. He is a junior at Columbia studying Computer Science and Economics. Outside his role in CCSC, he is passionate on campus about Lion Credit Union, where he hopes to bring a student run credit union to the Columbia and Morningside Heights communities. In the ounce of free time he has, you can find him running around in Riverside Park, being touristy in the city or goofing off with his brothers in Greek life.

  • Eva Bogomilova is a freshman from Fayetteville, Arkansas and is currently majoring in political science and history with a concentration in Hispanic studies. She is currently serving as the freshman vice president and is on the Columbia dance team. When she’s not stuffing her face in the dining halls, she can be seen looking at pictures of cats, singing karaoke, or cramming for a test.


  • Elise Fuller is the Vice President of Policy and also serves as the Campus Liaison for the Black Student Organization. She is majoring in Anthropology with a focus in Socio-Cultural studies. When Elise is not working with CCSC or BSO, she serves as a mentor for elementary and high school students. Her favorite flavor of bubble tea from Cafe East is ginger.

  • Elisa Kong is a Representative for 2019 Class Council and is a member of the CCSC Policy Committee. She is a junior majoring in History and East Asian Languages and Cultures. During her free time, she loves interviewing prospective Columbia students on behalf of the URC, writing for an Asian American empowerment magazine, and interning at NBC News. She is also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a Food Network aficionado.

  • Danielle Resheff is a junior in Columbia College majoring in American Studies and concentrating in History. On campus, she serves as a University Senator, and before that she served as a representative for the Class of 2020. In addition, she has been working on the Mental Health Task Force since joining the Policy Committee of student council last year. She enjoys “jogging” in Riverside, also known as walking in, taking pictures of dogs, and walking out.

  • Beom Joon Baek is a sophomore studying physics and computer science. Coming from South Korea, Joon took a leave from Columbia for two years to serve in the Republic of Korea Army at the Demilitarized Zone before returning last year. Aside from working at CCSC, you can also find him performing in student plays, eating KBBQ around K Town, and going to rock concerts

  • Ben Kaplan serves on CCSC as a class of 2020 representative. He is a junior studying Political Science with concentrations in Computer Science, and Economics. Outside CCSC, Ben is involved with Roosevelt Institute, Columbia Ski and Snowboard Club, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Ben grew up in central Vermont with his mom, dad, and younger sister.


  • Andy Baran is humbled to serve as the class of 2022 CCSC President for this year. Andy is from Minnesota and is studying Economics and Statistics. He has one younger brother, a dog named Sparky, and in his free time loves collecting pennies (his passion is appreciating things that others overlook, tattered pennies included!) Outside of class, you might find Andy in Butler, on the lacrosse field, or late night in JJ’s. Andy loves meeting new people and he can’t wait to get to know you too!


  • Alfredo Dominguez is a Senior in Columbia College studying Ethnicity and Race Studies. He was raised in a town in the Southeast of Houston called Pasadena. He is the proud son of two Mexican immigrants who are the most impressive people he knows, and he has 10 amazing brothers and sisters. He went to an underserved public school where he became the first person to come to Columbia from his high school in over 5 years. Further, Alfredo will be the second person in his family to graduate from a 4-year university when he graduates in 2019! Alfredo dedicates all of his accomplishments to his amazing mother, Rafaela Rebollar Dominguez.

  • Aja Isabel Johnson is a sophomore in Columbia College from Washington D.C. studying history and human rights. In addition to her role as a class of 2021 representative on Columbia College Student Council, she is a sister in the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, is on the board of the Columbia chapter of Every Vote Counts, is a founding member of the Saving Mothers Columbia/Barnard chapter, and is a tour guide and member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. A music fanatic, she can be found either making, mixing, or discovering music or making trips throughout New York City in search of some of the coolest record shops around. 

  • Adam Resheff is the VP Finance of CCSC Executive Board. He is a senior majoring in Political Science and concentrating in Computer Science. Adam is a Resident Advisor in Furnald Hall and is a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. Adam's claim to fame is he was once a ball boy for Serena Williams. 

  • Aaron Liberman serves as Disabilities Student Representative on CCSC. While Aaron grew up just a few miles from Columbia, his parents came to America as political refugees from the Soviet Union. Apart from coursework, he conducts research in particle physics and is a member of the executive board of the Columbia Science Review. He is also heavily involved in the Columbia/Barnard Hillel and in a leader of the Save a Child’s Heart Intercollegiate Committee. Besides English, Aaron is fluent in Russian and Hebrew and he hopes this skill will help him out as he braces for a future as a failed academic.

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