Meet Your CCSC Members

Meet Your Columbia College Student Council!

Elected by the student body, for the student body

  • My name is Zayba Qamar, and I am a sophomore from Boston, MA. I'm studying economics. Outside of CCSC, I'm on the board of Club Zamana. I love to read, travel, and try new foods! I'm looking forward to working as academic affairs rep this year, specifically focusing on improving the Core experience.

  • Yasna Vismale is currently a sophomore at Columbia studying Sustainability, Economics, and Jazz. As the re-elected Alumni Affairs Representative, her initiatives center around helping students cultivate meaningful relationships with their peers, mentors, and alumni. So far she has established a couple student board member positions within alumni groups to empower the voices of the student body. She also hosted a workshop to help students learn how to hone in their networking skills. Her next move is creating a podcast, "Tap In", where students can tap into their potential to build a strong network.


  • I am a junior Computer Science-Math major, and a proud CUSP and Questbridge Scholar. Aside from serving as VP Finance, I am on the managing team for Girls Who Code, and am a part of Columbia Space Initiative. Outside of academics, I have a passion for the arts, community service, and meeting new people!

  • I am a sophomore originally from Portland Oregon studying Political Science and History. I am super interested in healthcare specifically issues surrounding drug pricing and on campus am a member of the Columbia Debate Society and Sigma Phi Epsilon. In my free time I enjoy reading and going to concerts.

  • I’m majoring in Race and Ethnic Studies. When I’m not in the library reading about social liberation, I like to spend my time playing music, either in a jam session with friends or in rehearsal for one of my music groups. I’m also a COOP leader, a dialogue facilitator for ROOTED, and a radio host for the campus radio WKCR! I’m a huge fan of chocolate chip pancakes and labradoodles, and I’m also a triplet!

  • My name is Ramsay Eyre, and I serve as one of three University Senators representing Columbia College. I'm excited to work on university climate and health policy, and help make sure undergraduates have a voice in the governance of the university. I'm a junior majoring in history, and other than being a Senator, I am a member of the King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe and am involved in campus journalism as a staff member of the Columbia Political Review. Off campus, I love exploring New York's parks and museums and seeing concerts when my favorite artists are in town.

  • Hi! I'm Rads and I'm in the class of 2022. I'm planning to double major in Neuroscience and Economics. Other than CCSC, I'm a member of the Columbia Debate Society and the Uganda chapter of Engineers without Borders. I was born and raised in NYC and can't imagine ever living anywhere else!

  • Patricia Granda-Malaver is the Columbia College Student Body President. She is a senior majoring in Political Science and Human Rights. Outside of student council, Patty serves on the executive board of Sigma Delta Tau, Columbia College Student Ambassadors, and Columbia QuestBridge Scholars. She is also a member of Senior Fund. Patty is passionate about social justice, seasoned food, and making Columbia a home for all.

  • Maryam is a junior from Egypt raised in Queens, New York, studying Human Rights and Public Health. She is passionate about uplifting the voices of students of color and low-income students like herself. In addition to her role as Vice President of the Class of 2021, she is serving as a co--chair for the Multicultural Recruitment Committee and is a coordinator for America Reads and Counts where she tutors elementary school students. She is a founding member of the Interfaith Collective and has been involved with Turath. You can find her listening to YBN Cordae's album The Lost Boy and throwing it back with 2000s R&B and Hip Hop.

  • Madison, known as Maddy, is a senior studying Economics. In addition to her role as Class Representative on Student Council, she is the President of Columbia College Student Ambassadors, Senior Manager of the Engagement team at Spectator, and Visual Design Chair on Columbia Women's Business Society. She is passionate about mentorship and has been involved with Columbia Mentoring Initiative since she was a first year. Maddy also loves going to art museums, watching curly hair tutorials, and pushing a vegetarian agenda.

  • Leighlani Sanchez is an FGLI student from Springfield, Massachusetts. She intends on studying Political Science and East Asian Studies. So far, she is involved in CCSC and PSSA as the Public Relations Director. Her favorite things on/around campus include Roti Roll, the water-bottle throwing guy, and Low steps on a sunny day.

  • I am Kwolanne Felix a sophomore studying History and I'm passionate about promoting equitable and inclusive spaces at Columbia. I’m Haitian but I reside in Miami and I grew up in a community of undocumented immigrants where college education was nonexistent. I am the first person in my family to go to college, and I hope to continue to open the door for women like me. During my time at Columbia after facing racial harassment I have been inspired me to work on an initiative to help combat inequality on campus through an initiative called No Space for Hate. I focus on the diverse voices on campus to advocate for policies that demand a culture of inclusion. Outside of this work, I am passionate about women's rights and access to resources in developing countries, and hope to continue humanitarian work in the United Nations one day.

  • Kai Feliciano is the VP of Columbia Class of 2020. She is a freelance graphic design artist (, conducts research in the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab, and is a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. Kai’s favorite hobby is meeting all the dogs of Morningside Heights. She now knows at least 15 pups by name!



  • Beom Joon Baek is a junior studying physics and computer science. Coming from South Korea, Joon took a leave from Columbia for two years to serve in the Republic of Korea Army at the Demilitarized Zone before returning last year. Aside from working at CCSC, you can also find him performing in student plays, eating KBBQ around K Town, and going to rock concerts.

  • Jimmy (Jung Won) Park is a Representative for the Class of 2022 and a member of the Communications committee in CCSC. He is also a programming officer in Korean Student Association (KSA). He is originally from Seoul, South Korea and moved to Westchester, NY in the 7th grade. He plans on majoring in Economics. When he is not “studying” in Butler, you can find him feasting in JJ's, hanging out with friends, exploring the city, or drawing in his room.

  • I'm a senior from Monterrey, Mexico majoring in History. I joined CCSC after being the Spec correspondant for 2 years in order to ennact changes I wanted to see and faithfully represent my peers. I've also been involved with the Mexican Student's Association (MEXSA), the Student Organization of Latinxs (SOL), and the Undocumented Student's Initiative (UndoCU). I'm passionate about history (no kidding), journalism, film, nature and dogs. Please feel free to reach out to me personally regarding student government, life at Columbia, or any concern you might have that I may be able to help with! It's hard being here and we're all trying to carve out our little space and make it our O.K.!

  • I am a sophomore from London, studying History and Philosophy. I am an opinion editor at the Columbia Spectator, a columnist for the Columbia Political Review, and a member of the Roosevelt Human Rights Institute. In my spare time, I love skiing, playing netball and exploring the New York food scene. You can often find me on a late-night JJ's run or explaining the art of making a perfect cup of tea to Americans﹣it includes milk.


  • James Ritchie is President for 2020 Class Council. James is a Psychology major and Art History minor who was born in NYC but grew up in London (however, he does not have an accent!). He is involved in campus as a member of Phi Gamma Delta, Senior Fund, Columbia Economics Society, and also serves on the Undergraduate and Global Recruitment Committees. In his spare time you can catch him watching his beloved Chelsea or Dallas Cowboys.

  • I'm a sophomore studying political science with (hopefully) a concentration in philosophy! This year I was a COÖP leader, a member of Native American Council, and the Multicultural Recruitment Committee. A fun fact is that I used to drive a motorcycle in high school/wish I still could.

  • Hi all! I serve as the Class of 2021 Representative and I am majoring in Medicine, Literature, and Society while pursuing the pre-med track. I am definitively a really big extrovert (ESFP on Myers-Briggs) and it's a great time, but sometimes it's to my own detriment so I should probably talk to my therapist about it. Aside from that, I like to involve myself around campus in different areas of interest I identify with such as dance clubs, Latinx clubs, and the research I work on. I guess a fun fact about me is that I crossed paths with Anderson Cooper at CUMC this summer. If you ever want to talk about anything CCSC related (or anything at all for that matter), I am a chatter box so hit me up.



  • Heven Haile is a Junior majoring in American studies/Ethnicity and Race studies. She served as a representative for the Black Students’ Organization, a columnist for The Columbia Daily Spectator, CCSC’s Race and Ethnicity representative, the Student of Color coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. She currently serves as a coordinator for Under1Roof. She will use her position in the Senate to create a more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable campus.Heven Haile is a Junior majoring in American studies/Ethnicity and Race studies. She served as a representative for the Black Students’ Organization, a columnist for The Columbia Daily Spectator, CCSC’s Race and Ethnicity representative, the Student of Color coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. She currently serves as a coordinator for Under1Roof. She will use her position in the Senate to create a more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable campus.

  • Henry Feldman is a junior from Boston majoring in political science and concentrating in history. In addition to serving as the Vice President for Policy on CCSC, he is a Senior Editor for the Columbia Political Review. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading, and following the 2020 Democratic primary.

  • Gabriel Herrera is a Class of 2023 Representative for CCSC. He is also a trombonist involved in both the Jazz Performance Program and the Columbia University Marching Band. Herrera is a tentative Economics-Philosophy major who hails from a town named State College in central Pennsylvania, although his family is originally from Peru and Iowa.


  • Hey I'm Elle and I'm a first year (Class of 2023) planning to major in neuroscience with a business concentration! I'm from St. Louis, MO so I'm kind of far from home but I'm loving the big city (when I actually venture out of the Columbia bubble). My favorite thing to do in my free time is definitely to snuggle up on a couch and watch movies (some of my favorites include Inglourious Bastards, Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Jerry Maguire, Bridesmaids, Good Will Hunting, The Departed, and The Incredibles). Some weird things about me is I LOVE doing paperwork and office work and that my favorite food is Brussels Sprouts (cooked correctly, which not everyone can do). I am so excited to be President of the Class of 2023 and I think this is going to be a fantastic year! 


  • My name is Dyuti Dawn (she/her/hers) and I am so excited to serve as a Class Representative for 2023! I am from North Dakota and am planning on majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior on a pre-med track. Coming from a state with limited resources, I am super passionate about helping students on campus find opportunities alongside with bringing together a closer student body. Besides spending my free time with my friends, you can find me finishing my work at Kent, grabbing late-night fries at JJ’s , and listening to some chill beats on South Lawn. I am currently involved in the Housing Equity Project, Youth for Debate, and our school's Relay for Life! I love meeting new people so feel free to say hi and give me a wave :)

  • Danielle Resheff is a junior in Columbia College majoring in American Studies and concentrating in History. On campus, she serves as a University Senator, and before that she served as a representative for the Class of 2020. In addition, she has been working on the Mental Health Task Force since joining the Policy Committee of student council last year. She enjoys “jogging” in Riverside, also known as walking in, taking pictures of dogs, and walking out.

  • Colby is a sophomore in Columbia College studying African-American Studies and Psychology. In addition to his role on CCSC, he is also the Community Outreach Chair for the Black Students' Organization. He was born in Houston, Texas and as such spends most of his free time stanning Megan THEE Stallion and the Queen Beyoncé herself.

  • Brooks is a junior from Baltimore completing the Urban Teaching Special Concentration at Barnard and minoring in Ethnic Studies. In addition to serving on CCSC he's an organizer with UndoCU and an educator with the TLC. In the future he hopes to teach middle schoolers and support them as they lead the abolition of our failing education system. If he's not working on one of these things, he's probably with friends somewhere listening to music or planning his next trip on Spirit Airlines.

  • Brandon Shi is a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay Area serving as a class representative for the Columbia College Class of 2022 on CCSC. On campus, he is active within the LGBTQ+ community, participating in the Queer Trans Advisory Board within the Office of Multicultural Affairs and chairing the Columbia Mentoring Initiative's LGBTQ+ Family Tree. He is also part of Spectator's Opinion section, works gigs for the Columbia Bartending Agency, and co-coordinated this past year's Columbia Urban Experience (CUE) pre-orientation program. In his free time, Brandon enjoys running in Riverside Park and visiting New York's museums.

  • Blessing serves as VP of Communications on the CCSC E-Board. Blessing plans to major in theatre and educational studies which he hopes further fosters his passion for the arts, and his dedication to student engagement/enrichment. In addition to CCSC, he works with Columbia University Players and Questbridge. While he's not running the Communications Committee, he loves to run in Central Park, take ballet classes, and try new foods throughout NYC (sometimes too much!). If you happen to "run" into Blessing, let him wish you a blessed day!

  • My name is Ben and I am a senior in Columbia College studying polical science and going into the first year of my combined International Affairs master program through SIPA. I am from Montpelier, Vermont and love skiing, climbing, and mountain biking! At home I have 3 cats and a dog (named Addie). On campus I enjoy sunny days on the lawns, Roti Roll, and bouldering at Steep Rock on 125th.

  • Hi! I’m a junior from Grand Forks, ND serving as a Representative for the Class of 2021. After changing my mind a million times, I’m now studying History and Computer Science and am also involved with a few different organizations around campus, like CU STRIVE and Columbia Club Soccer. In my free time, I really enjoy playing music, reading, and watching soccer on TV. Other than that, I spend most of my time either working in the library or making the long journey between Carlton Arms and campus.

  • I'm Annie Tan, I'm from NYC, and I'm a first-year at Columbia College studying political science! In addition to CCSC, I am also involved in Asian American Alliance, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Political Science Students Association, and CU Dems. When I'm not in ref snacking on salt and vinegar chips, you can find me relaxing on the lawn (if it's a good day, of course), attempting--but failing--to do my readings. I also love music (my favorite artist is Queen!) and exploring different neighborhoods and restaurants throughout the city.


  • Andy Baran is humbled to serve as the class of 2022 CCSC President for this year. Andy is from Minnesota and is studying Economics and Statistics. He has one younger brother, a dog named Sparky, and in his free time loves collecting pennies (his passion is appreciating things that others overlook, tattered pennies included!) Outside of class, you might find Andy in Butler, playing hockey, or running in Central Park. Andy loves meeting new people and he can’t wait to get to know you too!

  • My name is Aaron Hibshoosh and I serve as one of the two student services representatives on CCSC. I am a Sophomore from New York City, majoring in economics-mathematics. In my free time, I like to try different cuisines, explore different neighborhoods, and follow the Yankees.

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